Friday, August 5

Three Reasons We Play Monopoly Deal

 Ateneo, for all its intellectual elitist jabber, and its cream of the crop repute seems to have been hit by a mental block, that neither perseverance nor Ignatian drive can bring down. Monopoly Deal. Don’t even pretend you don’t play that shit. ‘Cause you know you do. It’s everywhere. It’s in JSEC, the Caf, and in a few years let’s face it, we're gonna be playing it in Church.

Now I'm not a hater. I love that shit. I'll be the first to Deal Break a block mate just to ruin his day. But let’s face it, that shit is keeping you from going to class. However, I'd like to make an argument for our silent card game comrade. Monopoly Deal is good for you. And here is why.

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1. Togetherness

Now I'm not one for saps, but let’s accept it. You made friends because of Monopoly Deal. There’s nothing like rallying together as a mass of 4 angry losers and sly dealing, deal breaking, and force dealing the crap out of the winning player. That shit feels good. As children of a third-world country, nothing feels better then sticking it to the guy with all the cash. And we stick it together.

2. It Makes More Sense than Accounting

None of us know what the hell is going on in accounting. I couldn’t care less whether or not Sun Light Cooperation purchased 30 million dollars worth of depreciating assets from Cat Food Company. That shit is boring, and let’s face it, none of us are going to remember that shit in 2 years. This brings to mind a philosophically relevant query. What will we remember in 2 years? I'll tell you what. We will remember that one time Miguel lost his shit for getting deal broke last minute. Or that time Paula spilled toyo all over her white top 'cause Paulo decided to rent her out for 30m. That shit is memorable. And therefore, that shit is worth my while.

3. Feels Good to Own

Now we've all had bad days. Break ups, F's, D's, and the loom and doom of eventually failing the QPI and getting kicked out build up. There are days you lose your shit, and need to vent some of that uniquely Atenean stress. But, because we are Gentlemen of the Ateneo, we instead choose, as grown men, to scream like crazed infants at our peers in an un-rivaled Atenean fashion. Feels good to lay that stacked, house, hotel, doubled, Board Walk rent on Carlo. You don’t have beef with him. You like him. But he is in your way. You don’t know why. But he is. And by God he's gonna pay for that shit.

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