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How to be Kevin Tatco, the Photo Booth

Kevin Tatco. The guy with the camera. He has always been the one to look out for when wanting for a decent profile pic with Fr. Ben and a pile of burning logs in the background. He has been the godfather of Ateneo's photojourn community, and is now a mainstay in the courtside amongst people at least two times his age. Good times.

Clicking shutters isn't everything for him, though. Studying in law school, nobody knows what antics he might be doing behind the pile of hard-bounds covering his face. Which is where we come in. We present to you Kevin Tatco, the Photo Booth.

Name: Kevin Christopher C. Tatco
Course and batch: A.B. Guidon, Major in Photojourn, Minor in Political Science (but really A.B. Political Science), Batch 2011
Gender:  Tunay na Lalake
Nationality: Filipino
Height: 177 cm according to my driver’s license
Color of upper-right canine: Dirty white with a tinge of slight yellow
Length of longest eyelash: About 8-10 cm

What were you known for when you were still in college?  The dude who always had his camera hanging by his right shoulder and who was crazy enough to cross Katipunan Ave. during a rally (kids, don’t do that. It’s bad.).

Do you feel awkward when strangers ask you to take their picture? No, unless they get awkward too. Shooting stangers has its gray areas. Often, people are happy to have their photos taken but some people feel awkward/violated. When the latter happens, I just walk away slowly. General rule, don’t shoot in a place where you can get mobbed.

But I think Filipino’s are genetically wired to be cam-whores. See?

24 plus 65 equals? As I’ve learn in law school, it can be anything you want it to be if you know how but that’s an evil thing to do so wait.. umm.. (this is why I’m in law school).. 89!

What is your favorite lens? A 50mm. Any brand but preferably Canon.

What is more important: length or diameter? Usage. :> (That’s what he said.)

Do you believe in aliens? My college blockmates sometimes think I’m one.

Who do you look like? People said I looked like my mom up until I was like 12 but lately people have been telling I look like my dad. Oh yeah, Koko Krunch (according to Guidon.

What's the first thing you'd say to someone using a high-end dSLR on full auto mode? Nothing, I’ll just smile at him or her (then I’ll murmur to myself “waste of moneeyyyyy!!”).

What high school was your first girlfriend from? St. Scholastica Manila.

Gin Bilog or Generoso? Gran Matador dahil kay Dingdong Dantes.

How's law school? Sleep deprivation and the stress you feel right before your Philo/Theo orals for most of the subjects.

How does one get maximum photog exposure? Be nice to people and always say "thank you". It paid of a lot for me because most of the work I've done were through referrals. Also, never imitate other people's work. It's fine if you're just gonna use their work as inspiration but when you just regurgitate their ideas, you're being a douche.

What has hotter models: Ateneo or La Salle? Both! :> But I don’t know a lot of models from La Salle (Hi girls! My number is 091758... Just kidding!)

If you had the chance, would it be The Inquirer or Vogue? Let’s push it to the dreamland: Nat geo.

What's one place in the world you'd never go to? Nowhere, the world is meant to be explored.

If you had a boy band, what would it be named? “Sana kasing gwapo ni Ean Dacay

If there was one class you wish Ateneo didn't have, what would it be? Umm.. no comment. A core subj in second year just because the prof was just a…  :))

If you could only shoot one model, who would it be? Olivia Wilde. :>

Tell us your greatest photography-related advice ever in just one sentence.  Just go out there, shoot what you love like there’s no tomorrow.

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 Photos by Belle Velasco

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