Tuesday, August 16

Liz de Asis, the Mane Artist

There are a number of pretty faces in the Ateneo, and quite a lot of them tend to end up in colorful tarpoulines waiting to be converted into makeshift sleeping mats and rain covers. However, not a lot can spend their time making someone else's face.. er.. hair look pretty. Enter the world of Liz.

A self-taught hair stylist, Liz has gone a long way from braiding her dog's hair. She's stepped into the world where hairspray meets insurance-backed celebrity hair strands. She probably has more shampoo bottles in her bathroom than the utensils in her kitchen. But we wouldn't know for sure. So stop reading this yawn-inspiring prologue and drop your eyes down to the words and photos below.

Sunday, August 14

Mutual Understandings. WTF.

As a writer for the school’s most prestigious publications, I find myself responsible for the dissemination of the truth. In lieu of this, I would like to answer one of Filipino cultures most essential questions. Mutual Understandings…. WTF?

How to be Kevin Tatco, the Photo Booth

Kevin Tatco. The guy with the camera. He has always been the one to look out for when wanting for a decent profile pic with Fr. Ben and a pile of burning logs in the background. He has been the godfather of Ateneo's photojourn community, and is now a mainstay in the courtside amongst people at least two times his age. Good times.

Clicking shutters isn't everything for him, though. Studying in law school, nobody knows what antics he might be doing behind the pile of hard-bounds covering his face. Which is where we come in. We present to you Kevin Tatco, the Photo Booth.

Monday, August 8

Mega Ultimate Ateneo Cheers Dubstep Remix

Mega Ultimate Ateneo Cheers Remix

How to be Papz Javier, the Fun Lover

You've probably seen him shouting his heart out during basketball games until his lungs burst into confetti. You've probably bumped into him and smelled his fragrant well-trimmed hair (whether you like it or not). You've probably wanted to be him.

Well, my mate, you're in luck, because we've uncovered all the necessary details which will help you in your quest of becoming a virtual clone of this dashing fresh grad. Read on Papz' wise words and find out what one needs to be "The Fun Lover (he he)."

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Friday, August 5

Three Reasons We Play Monopoly Deal

 Ateneo, for all its intellectual elitist jabber, and its cream of the crop repute seems to have been hit by a mental block, that neither perseverance nor Ignatian drive can bring down. Monopoly Deal. Don’t even pretend you don’t play that shit. ‘Cause you know you do. It’s everywhere. It’s in JSEC, the Caf, and in a few years let’s face it, we're gonna be playing it in Church.

Now I'm not a hater. I love that shit. I'll be the first to Deal Break a block mate just to ruin his day. But let’s face it, that shit is keeping you from going to class. However, I'd like to make an argument for our silent card game comrade. Monopoly Deal is good for you. And here is why.

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Thursday, August 4

The Top 3 Reasons why St. Ignatius of Loyola was one of the greatest Saints of all time.

Do you even know why there weren’t any classes this Monday? Do you even know why you got that extra 4 hours of sleep and why you were a bum the whole goddamn Monday while other students from other colleges were sitting down in their Accounting classes listening to Mr. Gomez talk about balance sheets, financial statements, and why Mrs. Gomez left him for his best friend? Well, Mr. I’m- too-bloody-ignorant-and-lazy-to-even-Google-why, it was the Feast of St. Ignatius, the Ateneo’s patron saint. Now, everyone knows the story, everyone knows that he is the very reason why our parents our throwing their money at this school to pay for our tuition. It is a fact that St. Ignatius is in everyone’s Top 3 Favorites Saints List because lets be frank, not many of us know the difference between St. Francis Xavier and St. Francis of Assisi. So with that, I present you a crash course into the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola and why he was actually one of the cooler and greatest saints of all time. OF ALL TIME.