Tuesday, August 16

Liz de Asis, the Mane Artist

There are a number of pretty faces in the Ateneo, and quite a lot of them tend to end up in colorful tarpoulines waiting to be converted into makeshift sleeping mats and rain covers. However, not a lot can spend their time making someone else's face.. er.. hair look pretty. Enter the world of Liz.

A self-taught hair stylist, Liz has gone a long way from braiding her dog's hair. She's stepped into the world where hairspray meets insurance-backed celebrity hair strands. She probably has more shampoo bottles in her bathroom than the utensils in her kitchen. But we wouldn't know for sure. So stop reading this yawn-inspiring prologue and drop your eyes down to the words and photos below.

Name: Leezel de Asis
Course and batch: BS ComTech, Batch 2012
Gender: Female
Nationality: Filipino
Shoe size: 7.5-8
Natural hair color: Dark Brown

Longest hair length ever achieved: ...I have no idea :))
Favorite Filipino action star: None :P
Favorite instant noodles: Chow Mien Pad Thai flavor! I only had it once but it was heaven!
Favorite teen celebrity: Does Anne Curtis count? Hehe
Number of times you slept over in Ateneo: Just Matteo naps!
Number of Tumblr followers: Less than 2000 :)
Favorite form of sleeping: Fetus position!
Responsibilities and Achievements: Hair related? Doing Marie Digby's Hair, doing the hair for So Fab shoes, and being featured in the Candy website. :)

Are you the most famous hair stylist in the community? I wouldn't know.. but that would be great! Hahaha!

How do you plan to tell people that you fix hair for a living? I don't fix hair for a living :) It's just a hobby I enjoy :D

What do you think of wigs? They're extremely convenient for photoshoots :)

How much time do you spend fixing your own hair in the morning? Zero! Out the shower then go! I don't even comb my hair :P

What do you like to do in the morning? Eat breakfast! Yum!

What's the one selling point you'd put in your resume? Oh, the horror...

When you draw or paint, where do you get your inspiration? Other art I like :) Or sometimes photos I find interesting.

Where do you go on your pastimes? Eat, go online, watch shows, and play with my dogs!

What's the worst milk tea flavor? One brand of milk tea serves pearls that taste like champuy.. :( Worst thing ever!!!

Why BS Management Major in Communications Technology? Because it's a flexible course that requires a bit of creativity :)

How many kids would you like to have (state gender/s)? What a question! Not a lot, for sure! :P

What's an important thing normal people should do regarding their hair? Don't over-process it :)

Do shampoo brands really matter? It depends on how sensitive your scalp is :)

What's your favorite drink? It depends on my mood, but I would have to say Serenitea!

Where's the cheapest bestest place to get your hair trimmed? Bench Fix! I get mine done there :D

Fill in the blank: "Liz lived a bug's life."

Catch her at the following sites:
Tumblr: http://themaneidea.com
Twitter: @lizdeasis


Photos by Tim Arafiles

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