Sunday, August 14

Mutual Understandings. WTF.

As a writer for the school’s most prestigious publications, I find myself responsible for the dissemination of the truth. In lieu of this, I would like to answer one of Filipino cultures most essential questions. Mutual Understandings…. WTF?

Mutual Understandings...

As an Atenean, it is standard to define the subject of observation, with due scientific prowess. The only problem is, the very definition of a Mutual Understanding, is a relationship with no definition at all, or worse: A relationship with variant definitions. Now, I understand that it works. I’m a fan of anything that gets young love a kick start. But let’s get one thing straight, it takes far too long. Far. Far. Far. Too long. I mean come on, we may not be the world’s greatest super power, or Asia’s next economic tiger, but we are, for the love of god, WE ARE, a country of Real Men. Let’s not forget, we come from a rich ancestry of Bad Ass Heroes. Your great grandfathers stormed the Spanish Armada with nothing more than a Bolo and a Smile. Your Grandfathers stared down Japans most threatening imperial navy and said “Tang Ina, Not Today  Mr. Nakamura”. Your FATHERS lived through the 70’s. How can you stand there and not take what is yours? You like her? You look her in the eyes and say “Baby, Daddy wants to make you happy. Lets get to the business”


Let’s be real. No one understands that shit. The rules are blurry, and everyone seems to have different definitions to the ridiculous mess they call a relationship. When a relationship revolves around the premise of two people mutually understanding something that is understood to be mutually undefined, you have a proper recipe for WTF. Other proper recipes for WTF would include your mother going out with your Accounting professor to get you a better grade, your mother going out with your bestfriend because your father is completely inadequate, if you know what I mean, or the ending scene of Inception. Yes, we try to avoid WTF moments because they are simply awkward, disturbing, and utterly disappointing.

The Great Mis Understanding.

Now everyone encourages good old courtship. Everyone thinks its cute. Everyone thinks it’s gonna work out fine. But lets get real. Sometimes it doesn’t work out. Sometimes Joanie doesn’t love Chachi. Sometimes Superman doesn’t get Wonder Woman, partially because Superman is an alien.
But let’s face it. Batman got in the way.

All this can be attributed to what I would like to call ‘The Great Mis-Understanding’. It is the sad reality, where boy meets girl, boy texts girl, girl replies, boy thinks he’s in a relationship, girl thinks she just replied, boy falls in love,  and girl gets a smoothie.

Still Not Convinced?

Then you deserve to be confused.


Photo by Kevin Tatco

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